"The Bridge"  

                                  "Cross over to Freedom!"

Sundays at 2:00pm & Thursday Nights at 7:00pm                    

1171  Mercer St. Princeton Wv     Phone.. 304-467-8435

We have tables & chairs, in a softly lit room. We have a concession area where you can get a soda, cup of coffee or a snack. We have a stage area with live music and a genuine Rhema Word from 'DAD' at every meeting. We promise to be considerate with your time and not keep you to late..(unless you want to stay and 'soak' for awhile!)  Come see us..& please, just be yourself.


   Many years ago, God gave me a vision for a place where people could come and hear the Gospel "as they are.'

   A place where you could set and have a cup of coffee, open your bible, and hear the TRUE Word of God. Not doctrines and and a bunch of man made arguments and division. I know many many people who got 'burned' and 'burned out' over the years and they were looking for something real~They were hurt or shunned because they didn't fit into the 'click' of places where they had been.  

God showed me a BRIDGE. That spanned from this evil corrupt world to a place where God and His Love and REAL people were.  


   I seen people walking over onto this bridge and standing, looking at the Kingdom of God with great curiosity! I have seen this great divide between the world and the church for many years. After over 27 years of ministering to heathens, rednecks, and backslidden offended people, I can see what the Lord was showing me. We needed to BRIDGE the gap!  

  We have tried for years to get many people back in fellowship, but their arguments are legitimate. Many don't like playing what I call 'dress up.' You know, coming home from work tired and hurrying to shower, get prettied up, fix the hair and get to church, many times to the same old programmed routine service they have been to for 20 years. 

Many people have stopped going because they are starving for something different. Understand, God wants us CLEAN, but if a man or woman just got off from work and hasn't had time to go home and take a shower, its okay...You will be right at home at "The Bridge."

    There were times Jesus taught in the synagogues. But there were more times he would set down on a hillside or on a boat and teach them in stories and parables that they could relate to. The people didn't have to go home and get ready, They just followed Him around and set on the ground and EAT from the Bread Of Life! 

I love going into churches where there are men in leather, and business men in suits. Where there are fashionably dressed ladies and blue jean -hi heeled ladies. Where there are radical young people with a passion to serve God. Where there are lost people looking for something to fill the empty space. That variety of people tend to 'stretch' each other in a good way! You learn to respect each other as individuals with different tastes and personalities.  



Heaven will be full of different kinds of people. Gods variety! If we cant get that right here, I'm not sure if we will even be allowed there!

     I'm a preacher that believes that God loves people to BE WHO THEY ARE. He loves individuality. Some wear bibbed overhauls, some wear leather. Some have long hair, some have short. Some like boots, some like sandals. Some like dresses some like blue jeans. I tell people who come there..."I Dont care what you wear..but please!..  wear something!"

  If people get the Word of God in their ears, it will get into the heart, and because it is alive, the Spirit of God  will begin to change the way people think. It will begin to chisel away the 'flesh' and people can hear the Holy Spirit & make better decisions.

  If they can hear the TRUE Word of God, in a comfortable environment, God can begin to mold them into what HE wants them to be, and I know without a doubt, what He wants them to be is who HE made them!  Not a 'clone' or 'look-a-like'..God wants you to be YOU!  

     And as you are being you, allow Him to work on the rough edges that we all have, and make you more like Him! Thank God, He don't want a bunch of clones or robots! Amen!

  Some of the greatest men and woman of God I have ever met, were just themselves. Nothing put on, nothing phony, Just REAL people. I know Gods 'real' people as soon as I speak to them. Don't  you?

  Pray for Eddie & Mary & this vision God has birthed in us. It's all about people. Come & see! 

God bless!  

Eddie Day




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