"Freedom Recording Studio's"

                                   122 Mighty Oak Lane PO box 397 Lashmeet Wv 24733

                                                  Phone/Fax 304-467-8435                       E-mail:   


Do you need 5-10 cd's? 15-25? We can make you as many as you want..completed, shrink wrapped, and ready for your table usually in 2-3 days! There is no minimum order.

We are excited about our new Digital Recording Studio here in the mountains of West Virginia. Mary & I have always used our studio for our own projects, but now we have added on and opened it up for all musicians to enjoy.

Whether you are doing simple demos or a full project, we know you will appreciate the professional sound and atmosphere of 'Freedom Recording.'

  If you have ever heard Mary & I in concert, all of the music was done here in our studio. We are using SONAR 24 bit recording software with lots of 'toys' & digital dynamics. We have 'unlimited' tracks available with well over 25 years experience in performing & recording music.  

We also have information & forms available for Copyrighting your songs.  

Also some useful tips if you plan on recording anywhere.    (Click here)

There are many companies out there advertising cassette & cd duplication. We have learned from experience that they are not all legitimate & professional.

We do most of our printing and packaging here so you get them completed and back usually within 1-2 weeks. We offer any package you need for your master.

  * Cd's burned with colored pictures on front & back of case..

* Black & White printing onto CD face..(Full color will be extra)

* Black & White with info on the inside

* Shrink wrapped..  no minimum order…(you can order 5 or 500)


Cassettes –We have a company we order these from:

 a $200 set up fee & $1.80 each.. Plus shipping

100-Minimum order

Give us a call for more info..